Rachel Herrick’s Muppet Monday!

Today we welcome back the ever delightful and ‘adorakable’ Rachel Herrick, who returns with another of her Muppet Monday videos! In this edition, Rachel looks at a conspiracy theory that may change the way you watch Muppets Most Wanted forver…  Take a look! Credit where credit is due;  There are a LOT of good points…

Muppet Monday: Interview with Mike Quinn!

Our own Rachel Herrick recently got the chance to sit down with Muppet performer and all round nice guy Mike Quinn, to chat about his almost 40 year career with The Muppets.  Watch below as Rachel and Mike talk Star Wars, puppet building, and of course, Mike’s friendship with Jim Henson.

Rachel’s Muppet Monday: The Hollywood Bowl Recap!

Jarrod Fairclough – Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to The Muppets Take The Bowl this past weekend due to previous commitments (and living in Australia), so I asked my good pal Rachel Herrick if she’d do me a favor and cover the show for me.  Rachel went twice, and at the time of publishing, literally has…

Rachel Heads To MoPOP

Our good pal Rachel Herrick recently headed to Seattle, where she took in the Jim Henson exhibition at the Museum of Pop Culture, currently on show until 3rd January 2018.  Watch below as she checks out a Mystic, compares Beautiful Day Monster to another well known fuzzy and blue Muppet, and does a spot on…

Rachel Herrick’s Muppet Monday – Top 5 Muppet TV References

Our pal Rachel Herrick, aka Adorkable Rachel, returns to The Muppet Mindset with one of her Muppet Monday videos, taking a look at 5 hilarious Muppet references and parodies in various TV shows, including the traumatic lessons we learnt from American Dad!  (Warning: Some are a little NSFW, but we won’t tell if you don’t…)…

Rachel’s Muppet Mondays: Thank You Julie & Julia

Our good pal Rachel Herrick, aka Adorkable Rachel, returns with another episode of her web show Muppet Mondays.  After a while away, Rachel pays tribute to Julie Andrews, as well as the newest addition to Sesame Street. Get ready to have some AMAZING fun with our newest puppet friends. Enjoy!

Labyrinth: A Look Back

A while back our pal Rachel Herrick reviewed every Muppet movie for us!  She’s back with another one of her video reviews, this time on the classic film Labyrinth, currently celebrating its 30th anniversary.  Welcome back, Rachel!