Brielle & Cookie Monster – The Senses

Jarrod Fairclough – How’d we miss this?  After being on top of child genius Brielle’s videos with Elmo, Cookie and The Count, the other week she went and did another one with our old pal Cookie Monster!  Focusing on the senses, watch as Brielle educates Cookie on taste, smell, and those other three (spoiler: touch, hearing and…

Love with Elmo & Brielle

Jarrod Fairclough – Just the other week we posted an adorable video of Ellen DeGeneres’ resident child genius Brielle talking the science of cookies with Elmo, The Count and (of course) Cookie Monster.  Well, in celebration of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, Brielle has made another video with Elmo where they talk what love means to them, and…

The Science of Cookies

Jarrod Fairclough – Just a couple of weeks ago Oscar appeared on Ellen and got schooled in kindness.  Today Elmo, The Count and Cookie Monster have appeared with regular Ellen guest, child genius Brielle, to make – what else – cookies! The whole thing is very adorable and very educational.  Take a look!

Ellen Schools Oscar In Kindness

Jarrod Fairclough – This week Sesame Street began it’s 47th season on HBO, so Oscar popped up on Ellen.  Instead of playing Heads Up or 5 Second Rule, instead the host schooled Oscar on how to be kind, which is Sesame Street’s biggest focus this year.