Meet Joe The Legal Weasel

joe the legal weasel

Jarrod Fairclough – Some of you may not yet be aware that The Muppets are in the midst of introducing a new character to the gang.  Joe the Legal Weasel, performed by Peter Linz, seems to be a stuffy lawyer type, who enjoys a good pun and laughing at his own jokes.  While he debuted in the Muppets Now trailer at D23 (if you have actual video of the trailer rather than audio, please let us know!), audiences first saw him in the Talk Like A Pirate Day video in September;

Joe made another appearance in a video earlier this week alone, which lead to some comments online wondering who this guy is!  So we thought we’d quickly take the time to introduce him to the masses.  We’ve heard from people involved that they have a lot more planned for Joe!  And we can see why – we already love him!  I mean – that laugh, man.