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Jarrod Fairclough – Before we begin, we have to point out that The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is NOW STREAMING on Netflix!  Our own Marni Hill will be reviewing the show two episodes at a time beginning Wednesday 4th September.

The Muppet Mindset is not a solo effort.  We’ve got a nice shelf of talent to choose from, and each of them bring something special to the team.  So I’ve asked some of them to write a little something as we wrap up the week of celebrating our 10th anniversary!


Mitchell Stein
It is really quite impossible for me to wrap my head around the fact that The Muppet Mindset is celebrating ten years this week. Since the site launched in 2009 by Ryan Dosier, The Muppet Mindset has been the prime example of what a great fansite would consist of. It didn’t just build a site that hosted compelling and entertaining articles, it truly built a community of wonderful fans, and I’m proud to have been one of those many people who were part of that journey. I was in high school at the time, but I remember the very first article that I wrote for the site in 2013, and how exciting it was for me to have contributed to the Muppet fan world, and on one of my favorite websites. It was a great example of how The Muppet Mindset brought fans together and gave them a voice, and it’s ambitious feats are why the site is still here today.

Witnessing the passion that Ryan poured into the site, and then the unique flare that Jarrod brought to it since taking over has been an incredible journey from the start, and it’s wonderful to see The Muppet Mindset continuing on the legacy in inspiring so many fans around the world each day. I sincerely can’t believe it’s already ten years old, but I think its goal couldn’t have been possible without the amazing fans at its side along the way. Thank you to all the lovers and the dreamers that make this incredible site what it is each day.


Abigail Maughan
On this day we celebrate 10 years of wit and whimsy on The Muppet Mindset! Ten years of insight, interviews and analyses, the quality of which other fandoms can only dream of. In my time here, I’m awfully proud of my Song of the Cloud Forest reflection, and of getting to share with you all the best moment of my entire life, aka the Jim Henson Retrospectacle in Wellington, New Zealand. Congratulations and thanks a ton, Muppet Mindset.

rachel caroll

Rachel Herrick

Back in 2013, I was a little puppeteer nobody who loved the Muppets and could not believe no one was talking about their films on the internet, especially on YouTube. Things have changed and now there’s more content dedicated to this, but at the time I decided to take on the YouTube world for the first time when I released my original reviews talking about each of the Muppet films. The Muppet Mindset graciously shared my reviews with the world and helped get my platform started, and it was a huge honor because I have always been of a fan of the content that The Muppet Mindset has put out, and I still love being a part of the community to this day. I’m so happy the The Muppet Mindset is still going strong after all these years and continues to put out interesting articles and insightful discussions. Here to many more Muppetsational years of content!

marni jims

Marni Hill
Happy 10th anniversary to one of the more inclusive Muppet fansites on the internet! The first article I ever submitted was an edition of The Great Muppet Survey which feels like was eons ago! I’m glad to have found a place to share my thoughts and opinions in a more cohesive format about the characters I have fallen in love with over the years. Reading articles from the various contributors through both the busy and not-so-busy times in Muppet history has been a joy. The Mindset stands as a reminder of just how diverse and wide-ranging the appeal of Jim Henson’s creations are and how they have come to impact so many lives. Congrats to Jarrod and all the constant contributors for keeping this ride going for so long. It’s a pleasure to be amongst you all!


The British Correspondent
The British Correspondent is unavailable for comment due to all the British currently manning oars as they attempt to row the UK physically out of Europe? But that in a note forwarded from the future he said his favourite Muppet Mindset Moment is covering the Muppets Now (Disney+) content from Muppets Then (a Disney timetravel+ project)