Cookie Replica Accessories

Jarrod Fairclough – Hasbro needs 3000 backers before August 26th if they want to put the Cookie Monster Photo Puppet Replica in to production, and so far we’re not even close.  But nothing is impossible, and the team at Hasbro are committed to bringing you the best product possible!  So they’ve announced the accessories that consumers can expect – and they’re pretty cool.

Firstly, this was a no brainer – Cookie Monster will come with a cookie.  Not a real one, of course.  This is a plush cookie that he can hold, and has already taken a bite out of!


Also included are two lithographs.  The first features the original design of Cookie Monster, drawn by the one and only Jim Henson!

Jim_Hensen sketch_lithograph2

The second is a great photo of Cookie and Ernie, taken on set in 1974 by photographer Stephen Shames!


Obviously we’re desperate to see this come to fruition, so if you’re interested, please head here and pre-order your fully poseable Cookie Monster replica.  He’s $299, including shipping.  While the item will only ship to the U.S, those who are after one internationally can certainly look around and find companies that will assist you in having it shipped to them first for a small fee.