Rare Footage of Jim Henson & A Doozer


Jarrod Fairclough – It’s always a treat to see the behind the scenes action of the Muppet performers at work.  It’s amazing the talent these performers have to turn felt, foam, and in this case mechanics, into a living, breathing character, and seeing the process makes it all the more impressive.

In that vein, we are thrilled to show off this behind the scenes footage from January 1984.  Jim was in England appearing on a children’s series to promote the UK version of Fraggle Rock.  Jim was testing a Doozer on a tractor as well as creating some promos, directing the piece as well as performing the character.  In this video you can hear how Jim worked, giving direction, and creating an organic character at the same time.  Our pal Mike Quinn, who also appears as a wide eyed 19 year old in the video, has allowed us to share this video here, and has said that this video is ‘just so Jim being Jim’.  So please enjoy this 10 minutes of rare behind the scenes footage.