Rumor Mill: The Muppets Shorts Heading To Disney+


Jarrod Fairclough – Late yesterday afternoon Twitter account @TheDisInsider posted an article claiming that The Muppets will be filming a series of short sketches to premiere on Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+.

It’s alleged that the series of shorts will feature three different genres – a Cooking Show, a Game Show, and a Talk Show, all of which The Muppets have had experiences in before.  What’s more interesting is that the series is said to be unscripted, meaning the Muppet performers have the ability to make the entire thing up as they go!  This could go to show Disney that these guys know the characters better than anyone, and they should let them have a little more control going forward.


The talk show is also said to feature a Muppet girlfriend – could Denise be returning?

While the news is totally unverified (so take it with a grain of salt), we’ve done some research in to some dates that the Muppet performers have coming up, including the Sesame Street roadtrip, and it seems that the dates the article mentions line up pretty much exactly.  We’ll share more if and when it comes to hand!

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