Muppet Babies Roll Call: Jessica DiCicco

muppet babies roll call summer

Jarrod Fairclough – Welcome to our fourth Muppet Babies Roll Call! Considering six very talented voice actors are currently portraying our favorite characters on the new Muppet Babies, we thought it was only right that we get to know them. Today, we’ll be focusing on the career of voice actor extraordinare, Jessica DiCicco, aka Summer Penguin!


Born in Los Angles, Jessica moved to New York at a young age where her Muppet connection began.  Jessica was chosen by actor Marlo Thomas to appear in the special Free To Be… a Family, an initiative to show that children in America and Russia could relate to each other.  That special also featured appearances by Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Meryl Sheep and Elmo.

With a small role in The Godfather Part III, the sitcom Kate & Allie and a few others, Jessica headed to Syracuse University to learn more about the production side of television.  There she met a producer from Nickelodeon, Mike Pecoriello, who offered her the chance to be the voice of the educational programming network, Noggin, which was a venture co-founded by Sesame Workshop.


Since leaving university, Jessica has had a massive career in voice acting, with noteable roles in The Emperor’s New School, The Might B!, Sofia The First, Gravity Falls and Puppy Dog Pals.  She’s also the voice of April, May and June, Daisy Duck’s nieces in the new Disney series Legend of the Three Caballeros.  But perhaps Jessica’s best known role is as the beloved Flame Princess on Adventure Time, a role she performed for 6 years.

On finding the voice for Summer Penguin on Muppet Babies, Jessica said:
For the auditions, they give you a little image of the character and a description, and I felt connected to her right away. She’s a creative, artistic girl and not necessarily into the same type of things that Piggy is into. She just wants to have fun, and it was easy for me to relate to the character.

We’re lucky to have such a seasoned pro bringing Summer to life!

jessica dicicco