Muppet Newsflash: 13th March 2019

Muppet Newsflash

Jarrod Fairclough – The last couple of days have filled with some exciting Muppet news and announcements, so we’re donning our best patterned suit, ala The Muppet Newsman, to bring it to you now!

Sesame Street new

The Sesame Street Movie Gets A Release Date
The long-rumored Sesame Street movie has been given a release date of January 15th 2021, according to a report in Variety yesterday.  The movie is rumored to be about the gang getting lost in New York City, and could star Anne Hathaway.
Frankly, I advise taking this news with a grain of salt, as my contacts tell me the film hasn’t been officially greenlit yet, but it’s still exciting that things are in the process of moving ahead!

gone with the wind.jpg

MuppetVision* 3D‘s Mural Is Being Removed
Walt Disney World is in the midst of preparing for the Star Wars Land opening later this year, and the unfortunate news is that MuppetVision* 3D is a victim of circumstance.  As the building is so close to the entrace for the new land, the park has been gradually removing many signs of the almost 30 year old attraction in order to ease the guests into the world of Star Wars, and now the Kermit/Miss Piggy Gone With The Wind mural is being painted over.  Anonymous sources have said online that the show isn’t scheduled to be closed anytime soon, but it’s disappointing that we’re losing so much in the one space so quickly.

kermit pin d23.jpg

D23 Exclusive Kermit Pin
Gold Members of Disney’s D23 have been given the chance to purchase a new Kermit the Frog gold pin, to commorate 40 years of The Muppet Movie.  Kermit’s seen with his banjo, singing Rainbow Connection, and is likely going to be worth something one day!


KidRobot’s Fraggle Rock Figures
Alongside Funko, KidRobot are one of the leading toy/figure creators in modern memory, and they’ve just released two fantastic Fraggle Rock sets!  The first is are blind box keychains, featuring the dismembered heads of our favorite Fraggle Five, alongside Uncle Travelling Matt, Cottonpin Doozer, and some of her Doozer pals.

FraggleRockMiniSeries_web_14_800x (1)

The second set are full bodied characters, also in blind boxes, and feature the Fraggle Five, Cottonpin and a couple other Doozers.  They’re available via the KidRobot website, and I assume pop culture stores too!