Sing The Clouds Away With Sesame Street

singing the clouds away 2.png

Jarrod Fairclough – 50 years sure does mean a lot of celebrating, doesn’t it?  Sesame Street have already announced a tonne of great ways they’re honoring 50 years on television, and now they want you to help them with their next big thing!

Sesame are putting together a compliation video of fans world wide singing the iconic Sesame Street theme song.  They want you to send them a clip of you singing along, acapella, and then they’ll choose a bunch of their favorites to feature in an official video!

From the official announcement:
What would Sesame Street be without the iconic song “Sunny Days?” Sort of like Oscar without his trash can, or Cookie Monster without his cookies, or Sesame Street without friends like you! It’s the kind of tune you can’t help but sing along to-and that’s exactly what we want you to do!

We’re asking our friends, 18 YEARS AND OLDER (UNLESS A PARENT CONSENTS IN WRITING), near and far to submit a video of themselves singing “Sunny Days,” in honor of our 50th Anniversary and #ThisIsMyStreet celebrations across the country. Your submission may be included in a new music video celebrating this classic song that, generations later, continues to bring people together.

Head here for the details on how to submit your video, and make sure you read the rules, which we’ll post below again just to make sure you’re familiar with them.

● Talk/sing directly into the camera.
● Speak/sing loud enough so that we can hear you in the video.
● Do not wear white, small intricate patterns or any logos.
● Ensure that the recorded environment is free of all third party logos, products, and content.
● Light the video well enough so we can see your face.
● Ensure that the video is free of background noise, such as music or TV. We want you to sing this a capella, so you should not play the song in the background. You may wear headphones in the video if you need to reference the musical track as you sing. A link to the reference video and full song lyrics is above. Ensure that any pets are not in the room while you’re recording as pet sounds can be distracting.
● Ensure that the video has no text or graphics is superimposed or overlaid on the video and that the date and time stamp do not appear anywhere within the video.
● If using a cell phone, ensure that you record the video horizontally.
● Delay your performance by 10 seconds after you hit the record button.
● Review the video to ensure compliance with all Terms and Conditions as well as the requirements stated above before submitting.