Kermit and Jimmy’s Google Doodle

kermit jimmy google doodle.jpg

Jarrod Fairclough – You all know what Google Doodle’s are, right?  They’re those pretty versions of the Google logo, often interactive, that generally celebrate monumental world events, birthdays and anniversaries.  Sesame Street had a bunch in 2009 to celebrate their 40th anniversary, and then there was the Doodle to celebrate Jim Henson’s 75th birthday in 2011.  You can see them all here.

Now Kermit the Frog and Jimmy the Fallon are teaming up to announce a new contest, Doodle For Google, where children around the world can submit their own Google Doodle designs, one eventually being chosen and displayed on the Google homepage for an entire day.  And what do Kermit and Jimmy have to do with this?  Why, they’re the judges, of course!  Admittedly, Matt Vogel will probably be a judge, I can’t imagine an inanimate puppet will have many opinions.

The theme for the contest is ‘When I grow up, I hope…’ which is awesome, because it gives me faith humanity isn’t doomed.

You can find all the information at and you can watch the full announcement below, including the duo singing Rainbow Connection for some reason…