Meet Robot Big Bird


Jarrod Fairclough – The Robot Apocolypse is finally upon us, but we’re glad to report that it’s far more adorable than we ever imagined.

PortAventura World, a Spanish theme park, announced yesterday a brand new Sesame Street dark ride, to debut next year. The interactive show features clues and animatronic characters, one of which appeared at the announcement ceremony.

Robotic Big Bird stands at his full 8’2, and looks exactly like the actual pupept on the show, down to the myriad of yellow dyed turkey feathers covering his body. Which is why it’s a little bizarre to see him move in that stilted way animatronics do. It appears the ride will include the voices of the Muppet performers, as you’ll hear Matt Vogel’s dulcet Big Bird tones discussing the ride. Take a look at the full announcement below, with Robot Big Big appearing at the 2:54 mark.