Coming Soon: The History of ‘Sam and Friends’

Jim Sam and friends 1

Jarrod Fairclough – Fun fact: I once caused a fuss during a Trivia Night when I took issue with the question “What was Jim Henson’s first television show”, as the answer was given as Sesame Street.  “No”, I said.  Then I went on to explain to the night’s host that Jim had made a series called Sam and Friends, which aired in Washington DC beginning 1955.  I even got Muppet Wiki up.

Fun fact: I was not invited back the next year.


But next time I won’t need Muppet Wiki, as ToughPigs are reporting that Craig Shemin, Muppet writer and President of the Jim Henson Legacy, is writing a book all about Jim’s original series Sam and Friends.  Craig’s the best man for the job, as he’s been in charge of restoring old clips of the 50’s series.  He’s also responsible for The Muppets Character Encyclopedia, so the man knows his stuff.

We’ll report a release date as it comes to hand.