Say Thanks To Big Bird!


Jarrod Fairclough – Exciting news for all you Big Bird lovers out there.  Production company Matador Content is creating a documentary series about iconic leaders who have inspired people to overcome adversity and accomplish amazing things, and one of their episodes is all about Big Bird!

They’re looking for amazing real-life stories or anecdotes from parents, kids, and fans of all ages who Big Bird has had a positive impact on, from teachable moments to nostalgic ones to getting themselves or their kids through a difficult time. In other words, what are your favorite Big Bird stories?

A select few will possibly be interviewed on camera to be a part of the episode.

If you have a fun, heart-warming, funny or inspiring story that relates to Big Bird, they want to hear from you!   You can e-mail Colleen at for more information, and let her know we sent you!