The Many Faces of Miss Nanny


Jarrod Fairclough – The new Muppet Babies has been on the air for a few months now, and is legitimately a funny, sweet show.  One of the highlights is for sure the voices, and Miss Nanny’s is provided by the very talented Jenny Slate.  Jenny is a well known comedian and actor, and gets constant work as a voice actress due to her iconic sound.

Of course, one of Miss Nanny’s defining features is the fact that we’ve never seen her face.  So, today we’ve spent a little time in Photoshop, and given her 6 faces, all based on characters Jenny Slate has played in various TV shows and films.  What a waste of everyones time.  Let’s begin, shall we?

BellweatherAssistant Mayor Dawn Bellweather from the Disney film Zootopia

tammyTammy Larsen from the Fox series Bob’s Burgers

MissyMissy from the Netflix series Big Mouth

HarleyHarley Quinn from the Warner Bros. film Lego Batman

Pony HeadPony Head from the Disney XD series Star vs. the Forces of Evil

GidgetFinally, Gidget from the Illumination film The Secret Life of Pets