Ernie, Kermit & Bret (Or, One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other)

ernie kermit brett

Jarrod Fairclough – This weekend marks a special event in New Zealand, the culmination of a month long celebration of Jim Henson and his creations.  Characters from The Muppets, Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock are getting together with Bret McKenzie for a concert called The Jim Henson Retro Spectacle.

To promote the event, Bret got together with two beloved characters, Kermit and Ernie, to go live on Facebook and talk about the event.  The video is only 9 minutes or so, but it’s hilarious and sweet, and it marks a very rare occurance; This might be the first time Kermit and Ernie have ever had a significant conversation (I’m sure someone will tell me if I’m wrong.)  Take a look below as Ernie does his own version of Kermit’s ‘YAAAY!’, they make a bunch of puppeteering jokes about Jim, and Ernie burns Bret when he’s asked where Bert is…

(Video gets started around the 2:30 mark)