Kermit, Piggy & Fozzie Do The UK Rounds

Jarrod Fairclough – Hey, UK!  Did you know The Muppets are coming to London to do 3 live shows in July?  Well, you do now!  And to celebrate and promote the gigs, Kermit, Miss Piggy and Fozzie have done the rounds on the UK talk shows, and we’ve got a couple of clips for you to watch!

In the first, Fozzie appears on The One Show, alongside comedian and Muppet superfan Dara O Briain, where they talk comedy, manners and Dara’s resemblence to a certain grumpy old man in the balcony.  Just know a lot of the second half of this clip revolves more around Dara than Fozzie, but he still pops in with some gags occasionally…

In this clip, Piggy and Kermit appear on comedian and Muppet superfan Adam Hills’ show The Last Leg, discussing the upcoming Royal wedding.  Prepare for a sick burn by Kermit.

Finally, though not from a talk show, Kermit and Miss Piggy were interviewed about the show for NME, and it’s downright hilarious.  They talk about their now off again romance (like that’ll last), which Oscar winner wants to date Piggy, and if it’s become easier being green.  After that, they count down their favorite musical duos and get in to an argument about some Muppet Show guest stars.