The Jim Henson Planter

JD Hansel – Greetings and sanitations from J. D. Hansel of Muppet Hub.  I bring good news and good photos!

I recently realized that we Muppet fansites got a little caught up in other news over the past year and didn’t get around to reporting on the Sam & Friends planter in Hyattsville – the town where Jim Henson lived at the time when he created the Muppets!  (Honestly, I’m not sure there was ever a press release about it after its completion.)

The Muppet Wiki has a great gallery if you’d like to see some great photos, but since there haven’t been any pictures of this in a Muppet fansite news release before (to my knowledge), I figured I’d share a few pictures I took.  Take a look!

Photo Jan 20, 12 51 42 PMPhoto Jan 20, 12 51 56 PMPhoto Jan 20, 12 51 30 PMPhoto Jan 20, 12 52 10 PMPhoto Jan 20, 12 52 25 PMPhoto Jan 20, 12 52 35 PMPhoto Jan 20, 12 52 57 PMPhoto Jan 20, 12 53 14 PMPhoto Jan 20, 12 53 24 PMPhoto Jan 20, 12 54 17 PM

As you can see from the picture of me, this lovely construction is big enough to be a sizable fountain, and hopefully someday it will become one.  The main downside is that some of these designs don’t photograph well, so you have to try to go on a day with good lighting.

Also, as a bonus, they put nice benches around the planter with Cookie Monster-style Googly eyes and Jim Henson quotes engraved in them.

Photo Jan 20, 12 50 35 PM

The next time you’re making a trip to D.C. to see the Muppets in the Smithsonian, maybe make the drive up to Magruder Park in Hyattsville to check off an extra Muppety sight you’ve seen.  Or, if you’re visiting the Jim Henson & Kermit statue/bench at the University of Maryland in College Park, Magruder Park is less than 20 minutes away (when the traffic’s not too bad).  If you haven’t been there, go check it out!  If you have been there, reply to this post on whatever social network you used to get to this page with a photo of yourself there.  (Of course, we true fans don’t need to use social media to get to this website since it’s our homepage, but we’ll forgive you.)

Photo Jan 20, 12 56 46 PM