Get A Glimpse of Muppet Babies

Jarrod Fairclough – We were ecstatic to hear that Disney Junior were working on a new Muppet Babies reboot, if only because I’m sick of seeing the same episode of Sofia the First over and over again when I babysit my nieces.

And now, in a video for Good Morning America, we have our first (very brief) glimpse at the new show!  Take a look!

A few thoughts:
– I was curious to see how the mouths would move, and I think this works perfectly as a mixture of cartoony and puppety.
– The Kermit voice actor actually sounds like a young version of Matt Vogel’s Kermit, so props to the casting department on that!
– I’m excited for the Muppet fan sites in 30 years to have articles wondering why Summer Penguin has never appeared with her adult counterparts *cough*Skeeter*cough*.

We also have a bunch of stills from the show, which, according to Buzzfeed, is scheduled to begin airing in March!  It looks like our dreams are coming true!

Muppet_Babies_2018_01Muppet_Babies_2018_02Muppet_Babies_2018_03Muppet_Babies_2018_04Muppet_Babies_2018_05Muppet_Babies_2018_06Muppet_Babies_2018_Eiffel_TowerBABY GONZO, BABY SUMMER, BABY FOZZIE, BABY PIGGY, BABY KERMITMuppet-babies-summer