The Art of Erin Hunting

Erin Hunting is an incredibly talented artist based out of Australia, whose work has been featured in galleries and commissioned by top studios around the world.  Erin has worked on the comics for Adventure Time and Garfield, and is currently working on some visual development programs with Sesame Workshop.  Erin’s Instagram reguarly gets thousands of likes, and she sells a lot of her work on Etsy.  You can check out her website here.  Erin’s graciously agreed to let us share some of her work here on the site.

Sesame Street 15BertandErnie14sigSesame Street OscarSesame Street The CountSigMuppet-BabiesFozzie Copic DrawingAnimal Muppets 16The Muppets Animal SigKermit Copic Drawingkermit sigMuppets Fozzie Bear sigRowlf SigMissPiggy&Kermit sigThe Muppets b&wThe Muppets Sig