Make Muppet Performer Lego A Reality!

Jarrod Fairclough – Way back in October we showed off our friend Ivan Guerrero’s design for a Sesame Street Lego set, which you can still vote on by checking out that article.  Ivan recently submitted another design, this time showcasing a selection of the original Muppet performers!

Inspired in part by the upcoming documentary Muppet Guys Talking, Ivan has created a Lego series which includes;

Jim Lego.jpgJim Henson comes with a mini Kermit the Frog puppet, a banjo, a Rainbow Connection backdrop, a bicycle (inspired by The Muppet Movie), and a television set with The Muppet Show logo.

Frank legoFrank Oz comes with a mini Fozzie Bear puppet, a banana, a Manhattan Melodies poster and a television camera. His backdrop is split between a stage curtain and a backstage area, highlighting his career as both a puppeteer and a film director.

Jerry legoJerry Nelson comes with a Floyd Pepper puppet, an electric guitar, a speaker and a microphone. His backdrop features a stage lighting set-up inspired by the Electric Mayhem band, as well as a theater poster featuring popular songs performed by many of his characters.

Dave legoDave Goelz comes with a Gonzo the Great puppet, a plunger, a cannon and a Muppet chicken. His backdrop features a Muppet Workshop supplies cabinet (based on The Art of the Muppets exhibit), to showcase his early career as a Muppet designer and builder.

You can vote to make the set a reality here!  We’d love to see these hit the shelves, so make sure to vote!