2017 – A Year In Review: Part 2

Jarrod Fairclough – As 2017 nears its end, we’re looking back on the year in the land of Muppets.  We’ve already looked at the first six months, so now let’s dive in to the rest!

July 3rd – Happytime Murders Release Date!
The Brian Henson led film got its release date – August 17th 2018!  Guys, that’s so soonish!

steve whitmire

July 10th – Exclusive: Steve Whitmire Has Left The Muppets
Along with ToughPigs, we announced that Steve Whitmire was no longer with The Muppets and that Matt Vogel would be taking over the role of Kermit, and everyone was super chill about the whole thing.  No, wait, sorry, the internet exploded and everyone was the opposite of super chill.

July 12th – Steve Whitmire Releases Statement
Steve released a statement on his blog claiming he was let go for creative differences.

July 13th – A Rock & A Hard Place
Having some knowledge that was not yet public as to why Steve was fired, Jarrod felt he needed to explain why he wasn’t jumping on the ‘Boycott Disney’ bandwagon.  Unfortunately he maybe didn’t explain himself correctly, because this post garnered the most aggressive comments of the entire debacle.

July 17th – Muppet Studios Releases Statement
As Steve continued post about his departure, Muppet Studios released a statement claiming he was fired for unacceptable business conduct, which was then backed up by Brian and Lisa Henson.

July 17th – C Is For Chrysler
Sesame Street and Chrysler teamed up for a bunch of hilarious adverts that are more sketches than they are ads.

Recast King

July 25th – Matt Vogel: The Recast King
With Matt Vogel announced as the new Kermit, we took a look at his other recasts, and were (and still are) sure that he’s the best man for the job.

July 27th – Sesame Street Sings The 80’s
Sesame Street released one of their patented viral videos, this time parodying a bunch of 80’s hits.  Unfortunately no ‘You Can Call Me Elmo’.

July 29th – Fozzie Bear, Abby Cadabby & Red Fraggle Officiate the Opening of ‘The Jim Henson Exhibition’
At the opening ceremony for ‘The Jim Henson Exhibition’ in New York City, three Muppets from three franchises took to the stage to entertain the crowd.

Gonzo Guardaisn

July 30th – Gonzo Of The Galaxy?
Is there a Gonzo easter egg in the Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disneyland?  It certainly looks like it…

July 31st to August 4th – Fan Week 2017!
The ever popular Fan Week returned, as we showcased Art, Videos, Collections, Testimonials and Music by you guys.

August 7th – Muppet Newsflash
Fan Week always means missing some big news, so we reported on the new Sesame Street character Rudy, more Chrysler videos, and Muppets celebrating WE Day!

August 14th – Be Like Grover
Everyone spent a lot of 2017 shaken to the core with the world going crazy around them.  So we suggested everyone should stop being so selfish all the time, and be more like Grover.

August 16th – Bookie Monster!
Cookie Monster has written a book!  It’s out in April.  It’s delicious…

August 18th – Bye, Muppets Courtyard!
Muppets Courtyard at Walt Disney World was removed, though MuppetVision*3D and PizzeRizzo still remain.

August 21st – El Patito
Ernie (expertly now performed by Peter Linz) and Rosita parodied the hit Spanish song ‘Despacito’ with ‘El Patito’, which is Spanish for Rubber Ducky.

August 22nd – Interview with Kirk Thatcher
Our pal Amy Banks chatted to HER pal Kirk Thatcher about his history with The Muppets, which lead to a huge discussion on the pilot of LazyTown in Part 1Part 2 involved talk about Dinosaurs and a tease on the Hollywood Bowl show.

image (10)

August 28th – First Video of Matt Vogel’s Kermit
A good 7 weeks after the announcement of Matt’s casting of Kermit, we finally got our first look.  Reactions were mixed, but since then almost everyone has embraced the new performance warmly (which they should, because it’s fantastic).

September 2nd – A Little More Kermit
We got to see more of Matt’s Kermit in an interview with Miss Piggy, and everyone seemed to agree he was doing great.

September 4th – Much More Kermit!
We got more of Matt’s Kermit, as the frog and Fozzie reenacted their famous ‘Good Grief The Comedian’s A Bear’ routine.

September 11th – Rachel’s Muppet Monday: The Hollywood Bowl
We sent our good pal Rachel Herrick to The Hollywood Bowl to report on the massive live event, where she got to chat to Peter Linz and the show’s host, Bobby Moynihan!


September 12th – The Muppets Take The Hollywood Bowl – Videos
With the three night event over, we posted every bit of video we could find.  At time of writing, every video still seems to be up and watchable, so why not go see Kermit do Happy Feet, Miss Piggy get thrown around, or the Parade of Obscure Muppet Characters (move along, Chip!).

September 18th – The Cast of Happytime Murders
It was announced that comedy legends Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale and Elizabeth Banks would be co-starring alongside Melissa McCarthy, as well as Muppet performer and friend of the site Bill Barretta!

September 21st – Seth MacFarlane Likes Muppets
The actor/animator/singer did a cover of The Great Muppet Caper’s ‘The First Time It Happens’, which came out the same day his character on The Orville reflected on the leadership skills of Kermit the Frog.  Fun fact: After this, Seth said on a talk show that he’d only get a tattoo of something he really loved, his only example being Kermit.

October 9th – Muppet Christmas Carol’s ‘When Love Is Gone’ Is Finally Being Released! …Kinda.
The delightful Meredith Braun, who played Belle in The Muppet Christmas Carol, has rerecorded her song ‘When Love Is Gone’ for a new album by the same name.  The song was famously cut from the movie, so we’re glad it’s back in some form, because it’s still beautiful.

backyard with bert

October 10th – Backyard with Bert
Bert and Ernie started a little YouTube series filmed outdoors, and it highlights the great chemistry Eric Jacobson and Peter Linz have already got with the famous duo.

October 19th – The Muppets Meet the Classics: Phantom of the Opera’ is a Promising Start to the Series
Mitchell reviewed the new book by Erik Forrest Jackson based on the popular musical.

October 25th – Help Make This ‘Sesame Street’ Lego Set A Reality
Muppet fan Ivan Guerrero has designed an incredible Sesame Street Lego set that is still up for voting.  Go vote!  NOW!

November 10th – Author Erik Forrest Jackson Talks ‘Muppets Meet The Classics: The Phantom of the Opera’ and Future Instalments
Mitchell sat down with Erik Forrest Jackson to talk about the new book, how he cast the piece, and how to lighten the mood when things get grim…

November 20th – News From The Past 5 Weeks
The Muppet Mindset went to Limited Content for a period of 5 weeks as Jarrod traversed the continent of Europe, so when he returned we caught up on everything we missed while he was away.  There’s Kermit on Dancing with the Stars, Grover gets animated, Fraggle Funko and The Swedish Chef getting projected on to The Tower of Terror.

stranger things

November 22nd – Sharing Things
Sesame Street released a parody of Stranger Things, and Ernie’s role as Dustin is the best thing we’ve seen ever.

December 5th – Why Does This Exist? A Look At ‘A Sesame Street Christmas Carol’
One of the weirdest Christmas productions ever was Sesame Street’s attempt at A Christmas Carol, which couldn’t decide what it wanted to be in it’s whole 46 minutes.

December 6th – Snuffy Blows Minds
Snuffy appeared in a new video by Vanity Fair where he blew minds with odd facts.

December 14th – Muppetology 101: The Muppets’ Prominence to a Galaxy Far, Far Away
To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Mitchell took a look at all the times that the Star Wars world and our Muppet world have collided.


December 18th – The Mechanics of Muppets
The Muppet performers of Sesame Street got together with WIRED to reveal how they perform their characters.

December 18th – Muppet Christmas Carol Facts with Kermit
Kermit and his holiday scarf told some fun facts about the making of the 1992 film, all of which were maybe not as much ‘facts’ as they were ‘not facts’.

December 21st – Merry Christmas From The Muppets
Constantine, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Walter, Scooter and Lew Zealand all released videos to wish us a Merry Christmas, all in true Muppet style.

December 21st – Watch ‘Muppet Christmas Carol’ with Brian Henson & Dave Goelz!
In the biggest treat we’ve had this year, Dave Goelz and Brian Henson sat down for Oh My Disney to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol’ and do commentary over the top of it.  It’s genuinely hilarious and sweet, and Dave Goelz cries at the end, so…

constantine gruber

December 25th – Muppet Die Hard
To celebrate Christmas Day, we recast the Christmas classic Die Hard with The Muppets.  Yippee Ki-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY *Arm Flail*

December 29th – #LOVEMUPPETS
Finally, just yesterday we showed a short film written by Eric Jacobson, David Rudman and Matt Vogel starring Miss Piggy and a bunch of models and Muppets.  More Muppet Performer created content, please Disney.

Finally, though we didn’t write a post on it, one of the years highlights was Frank Oz joining Twitter.  You can follow him here, and he’s genuinely hilarious and insightful and kind and sweet.  Plus, he liked a tweet we made once, so we’re practically best friends now.

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful year!  We’ll see you right back here in 2018!

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