Jarrod Fairclough – If there’s one thing I know more about than Muppets, it’s the world of high end fashion.  There’s, um…  Vogue?  That’s a thing, right?

The Muppets have teamed up with the photographer known as Rankin to do a fashion shoot, and rather than just make a quick little promotional video, they’ve made a full on 10 minute short film.  Not only that, but according to the credits, the short seems to have been written by Muppet performers Eric Jacobson, David Rudman and Matt Vogel!  This is what I’ve been saying for months – let the performers write some stuff!  Because this short proves that they can do it – it has a hell of a lot of humour, and just as much heart.  Plus, you know, Poppy Delevingne, which is always good.

Take a look at the hilarious short below, which stars Miss Piggy, Kermit, Scooter, Animal and Uncle Deadly, as well as Rita Ora, Hailey Baldwin and Games of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie.