Help Make This ‘Sesame Street’ LEGO Set a Reality

Mitchell Stein- Since Sesame Street first graced airwaves in 1969, there has been no shortage of fantastic merchandise produced in conjunction with the show. Despite the massive amount of Sesame Street merchandise that exists, Sesame Workshop has never produced a Sesame Street themed LEGO set, and one fan hopes to change that. Muppet fan Ivan Guerrero designed a pitch for a Sesame Street themed set at LEGO Ideas, a unique website operated by The Lego Group, which encourages fans to submit and create ideas for potential upcoming sets. Our pal Ivan has created a truly amazing set of 123 Sesame Street, and he explores in painstaking detail of what this potential set could look like and entail.


The idea has been successful so far, currently gaining eight-hundred and thirty supporters as of this writing. Should the project get to 1,000 supporters in the next four-hundred and twenty days, LEGO will submit the idea to Sesame Workshop, and explore the possibility of producing this set. If you would like to see this set become a reality, all you need to do is visit Lego Ideas, create and account, and vote for this Sesame Street set, and help Ivan reach his goal of one thousand supporters.

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