Muppet Christmas Carol’s ‘When Love Is Gone’ Is Finally Being Released! …Kinda.


Jarrod Fairclough – As we head in to the tail end of the year, we’ll all soon start singing our favorite Muppet Christmas songs.  I’ve already started practising my various voices for my one-man rendition of ‘Scrooge’ from Muppet Christmas Carol, and I do a mean ‘Marley and Marley’ as well.

But one song from the 1992 film that always seems to cause controversey is ‘When Love Is Gone’, the love ballad sang by a young Scrooge’s girlfriend Belle, played by Meredith Braun.  The song was unceremoniously removed from a fair chunk of releases over the years, including the theatrical release itself.  BelleSome think the song adds a bit of gravitas and weight to the movie, whereas others think that while the song is lovely, it adds nothing to the story.  Me?  I’m in the former camp.  Any excuse to hear those sweet tones from Belle’s mouth!

Well, in a move I certainly didn’t see coming, original Belle actress and singer Meredith Braun has rerecorded the song for her upcoming album, suitably titled ‘When Love Is Gone’!  Also on the album are covers of ABBA, Randy Newman and a bunch of others I vaguely recognise the names of.  And Meredith is accompanied by her 13 year old son Tiger, who is some sort of cello prodigy.  That’s not relevant to The Muppets in any way, I just think that’s pretty freakin’ cool!

‘When Love Is Gone’ will be released November 10th, available to buy, stream or download.  You can find more information on Meredith’s site here!
Now, who do I have to talk to to get Michael Caine to re-release ‘Thankful Heart’?

When Love Is Gone - Cover.jpg