Kermit & Piggy & A Big Ol’ Bowl!

Hollywood Bowl

Jarrod Fairclough – This weekend marks The Muppets Take The Hollywood Bowl, a 3 night live event promising to be a spectacle and a half.  To mark the occasion, Kermit and Miss Piggy were interviewed in 101-degree heat about what to expect, and got in to a hilarious argument in the process.

Unfortunately the video isn’t able to be embedded, so instead you can click on this entire paragraph to watch it.  Even this sentence here.  Or here.  Not here.  But here again.

Not to keep harping on about it, but doesn’t Kermit just feel like Kermit in this video?  It’s not an easy job taking over from the incredible Steve Whitmire, and the of course incomparable Jim Henson, but Matt Vogel is doing a stellar job, and, pun intended, Kermit’s in good hands.

Next week we’ll have full coverage of the event, care of our good pal Rachel Herrick.  Although I almost booked myself a last minute ticket 20 minutes ago.  Like, I had the ‘Confirm Flights’ button ready and everything.