Rumor Mill: Could The Muppets Be Heading To Star Wars Land?


Jarrod Fairclough – Take this whole thing with a GIANT SWEETUMS SIZED grain of salt, folks, but a rumor has popped up online that The Muppets could be coming to Star Wars Land at Walt Disney World!

According to the video below by Disney Dan, rumor has it that The Muppets could be preparing a live show to entertain guests in the same style of Great Moments In History (But Just The American Parts), which has been a huge success.

Instead of telling the tales of Paul Revere and the Declaration of Independence, the show would instead cast The Muppets as the characters from Star Wars, retelling and parodying classic moments from the hit films.

Not much more is known, and again, we have no idea if this is real or just some strange rumor going around, but how great would this be if it were true?  The Muppets and Star Wars have a rich history together, so to see them combine in this way would be incredible.

We’ll bring you more information as we get it.  For now though check out Disney Dan’s video below.