The Muppet Mindset & Duck And Mouse React To MuppetVision* 3D


Jarrod Fairclough – I happen to be very close friends with the Disney bloggers known as Duck And Mouse, although I know them better as Sean and Hollie, the people getting married in another country in October that I have to fly to to be best man because I really am the bestest man.  Both have been very good friends of the site, and over the last year or so they’ve been making a name for themselves in the Disney world, currently sitting at over 600 Twitter followers and hundreds (if not thousands) of views on their YouTube channel, which chronicles their Disney fandom and trips to Disneyland Paris.

While they were visiting Sean’s family here in Australia last week, we got together to combine our fandoms – Disney Parks and Muppets – which adds up to one particular thing – MuppetVision* 3D!  Surprisingly, these two had never seen it before, as the day they closed the show at Disneyland was the day Sean and I were on the plane heading TO Disneyland.  So, with fresh eyes, Australian and English accents, and two coughs and colds, we found a copy online and watched.

Check it out below as I sprout of fun facts about Beaker, Hollie hates on Miss Piggy, and Sean goes on about Martin Short!

You can follow Duck and Mouse on Twitter here, and be sure to check out their YouTube channel here!  If you’re heading to Disneyland Paris anytime, be sure to pick up a copy of their book Check, with a whole list of things to tick off!