Tyler Bunch’s Important Auction


Jarrod Fairclough – Tyler Bunch is an incredible Muppet performer who began his career in 1993 and has worked on a multitude of projects since.  Last year, Tyler and his wife Marcia suffered a terrible accident when a fire consumed their home, and in the process, they lost several beloved pets.  It was a sad time in their lives, but through it all Tyler maintained his upbeat attitude and was a beacon of light.

Now Tyler is raising money for the organization that helped his pets throughout the crisis, the Emergency Animal Response Service.  They’re a fantastic organization of volunteers that work to rescue animals in dire need or critical condition.  They were onsite during the fire, and their work rescued a number of the pets in the home, working alongside firefighters, police and ambulance workers.  I highly suggest heading to their website to learn more.  That’s why the entirety of this paragraph is one huge link.  GO CLICK ON IT! I’ll wait.

Tyler has recruited those amazing Muppet people in the quest to raise $5000 for E.A.R.S, and I have no doubt in my mind that we fans can help them reach that goal.  Tyler has started an auction with items that would blow your mind!  Let’s go through just a couple of them!


Phone Calls!
Have you ever seen your phone ring and think to yourself ‘Boy, I sure am disappointed that Abby Cadabby never calls me…’?  It would be weird if you had, but now that will be a very real situation for someone!  If you win one of the Phone Call auctions, one of the Muppet characters will call you personally!  Characters include Bear from Bear In The Big Blue House, and from Sesame Street there’s Prairie Dawn, Snuffy and Abby!  If you’re lucky, you may even get to speak to Luis!


Everyone loves Sesame Street merchandise, and now you can bit on four sets.  The first is themed for Oscar, with an oversized mug, tote bag and plush.  The second is Cookie Monster, with similar items and a water bottle I want 6 of.  The third is generally Sesame Street, with a character tote and mug, and the fourth is some of our favorite Sesame Street Funko Pop! figures from the last couple of years.  As a bonus, if ANY of those items reach over $200, each winner will receive an autograph from a Sesame character!


One of my most prized possessions is my autograph by Jim Henson.  What better way to show off my love of these characters than by having an autograph by the leading man himself?  Well, while Jim’s signature isn’t for sale, you can still bid on items signed by some of the other greats!  Carrol Spinney is donating a signed copy of his biography and his documentary I Am Big Bird.  Peter Linz is donating a signed Walter plush, that he’s probably hugged enough that it smells like him (spoilers: he smells of sunshine and rainbows).  And the incredible Dave Goelz is donating not only a signed photo of Gonzo, but he’s including a full page letter!  No word on what it says, but it’s likely the directions to a map which will take you on a Nic Cage style adventure.


The Muppets (ABC) Crew Gifts!
One of the perks of working on really any series is the gifts given to the crew with the series logo strewn across it.  While you probably wouldn’t care for a tote bag with 1600 Penn‘s logo, you’d definitely be interested in some of the only real merchandise ever made for the now cancelled ABC series The Muppets.  This tote bag and water bottle are super rare, and were only made for those who worked on the series.  So go get them, and drink out of it and pretend you’re in a world where the show wasn’t cancelled, and you’re the crew member responsible for sitting in a chair and admiring water bottles.  I think that’s what the Best Boy does, anyway.

There’s more to be seen at the auction page, including a signed copy of the Avenue Q Playbill from opening night, and a private yoga lesson if calls from Snuffy aren’t your thing.  Let’s get together and help Tyler support the Emergency Animal Response Service, a very worthwhile cause being promoted by a very worthwhile man.