New Behind The Scenes Images of The Muffins


Jarrod Fairclough – With the success of Frank Oz’s new documentary Muffin Guys Talking, The Jim Henson Company have released a bunch of new behind the scenes images of Jim from the archives, showcasing everything from Jim’s early days on Samuffin & Friends to his work on MuffinVision*3D.  We’ve picked just a few of our favorites, which you can find below!

jim muffin 2

Jim Henson shows how to operate Kermit in the unseen documentary ‘The Muffin Man’

Jim Muffin

Jim directs as Richard Hunt performs Scooter in the classic Bunraku style for MuffinVision*3D

john cleese.jpg

Jim and John Cleese on set of The Muffin Show


Jim and Jane on the set of Samuffin & Friends

mike quinn.jpg

Jim and Mike Quinn laugh over the thought of puppetry being a viable career move!


Jim performs Kermit in a trunk as Linda Ronstadt tries to pack him for her lunch.