How To Start A Muppet Rock Band

electric mayhem

Spencer Cohen – Have you ever wanted to start a rock band with Muppet characters, but never knew how to? Well then, today’s your lucky day! As a musician and fellow Muppet fan, I can help you start your own Muppet rock band! Just follow the steps below in order.


  • Learn how to play a musical instrument: While this step may seem obvious, you will not believe how many people have tried to start a band without actually knowing how to play an instrument! Crazy, right? Anyway you need to choose an instrument to learn. For me personally, I chose to learn to play guitar back in 2008. But then again, for awhile, I looked a lot like Scooter, red hair glasses and all. Was it fate? I think so!
  • Find a bass player: Every band needs a bass player to “fill the bottom in” (to quote Harry Chapin’s “Six String Orchestra,” which Scooter performed on The Muppet Show). And there is only one Muppet who is famous for playing the bass, the groovy dude himself, Floyd Pepper. Floyd is always looking for new gigs to play, and I am sure he would love to join your band. Call him, if you can get a hold of his number.
  • Find a guitar player: Now, there are two Muppets who are famous for playing guitar. There’s Gobo Fraggle, Fraggle Rock’s resident guitar player. If you can find your way to Fraggle Rock, I highly suggest talking to him about joining your rock band. If that fails, there is always Janice, guitar player for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. I know for a fact that she works well with Floyd (they’re currently dating).
  • Find a drummer: You “need some drums to set the beat” in your band, and there is only one Muppet qualified for this job, ANIMAL! From what I hear, he has open availability, so hiring him should not be a challenge. Taking care of him, however, is a whole other article for me to write in the future!
  • Find a piano player: When it comes to choosing a Muppet who plays the keys, you’ve got a difficult decision to make, Dr. Teeth or Rowlf the Dog. Both are extremely talented piano players. Personally, I think I would have to choose Rowlf. After all, he technically has been around longer than Dr. Teeth, so he must have more piano playing experience then, right?
  • Find a saxophone player: Sesame Street’s very own Hoots the Owl is known to play the sax. However, he has not played a gig on Sesame for quite some time. The Electric Mayhem’s Zoot has been playing a lot of gigs recently, but he is also known to take a lot of naps. Choosing a Muppet sax player is a tough decision that I will leave up to you.


And there you have it folks, the necessary steps to start your own Muppet rock band! If any of these steps fail, I would simply recommend just jamming out with your reflection in the mirror (after all, it worked for Gonzo)!