Yes, That Character Existed

Jarrod Fairclough – One of the best parts of Sesame Street are the silly Muppet sketches that pepper the show with educational content and fun jokes for the audience.  They also allow for bizarre one-off characters to make appearances and then disappear never to be mentioned again.  After browsing through the ‘Random Sesame Street Character’ option on Muppet Wiki, I thought I’d choose just a few of my favorite one-offs, and remind you that yes, that character existed!

Melvin Milk.jpg

Melvin Milk
Melvin Milk was a Muppet performed by Jerry Nelson in a ‘Here Is Your Life’ sketch about teeth.


Rocky appeared in ‘Monsterpiece Theater’, as a gruff intimidating figure, whom Grover must get to wash his face.  His puppet was reused multiple times, and he was one of the very few Sesame Street characters ever performed by Dave Goelz.


Performed in a very early episode of Sesame Street (Episode 23!) by Jim Henson, Jack sang about the letter A, which was the first letter in the name of his girlfriend, Adrienne. Unfortunately the blocks he uses belong to a certain blue monster, who ends up eating the blocks.

Mr Between.jpg

Mr Between
Another rare Dave Goelz character on Sesame Street was Mr Between, who likes to stand between things like two slices of bread, and two guys named Ed.  He is crushed by an elephant who calls himself ‘Mr On-Top-Of’.


Meter Maid
Performed by Richard Hunt, this sassy meter maid gave a ticket to the Countmobile, then sarcastically counted it and laughed, triggering thunder and lightning to a perplexed Count von Count.


Performed by Jim Henson, Maurice sang to a woman he created by putting parts of her face together.  When she declines his offer of love, he takes her apart.  As he laments her leaving, he notices the various facial features have attached to the tablecloth, who thinks Maurice is kinda cute.


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