‘Street Gang’ Indiegogo EXCLUSIVE Perk!


Jarrod Fairclough – You know what’s great?  Sesame Street.  You know what’s even better?  Documentaries about Sesame Street.  Better than that?  Getting perks when you donate to the Street Gang Indiegogo Campaign. And better still is getting a perk exclusive to readers of The Muppet Mindset! (Hey, that’s us!)

Yes, we’ve teamed up with the amazing team behind the new documentary Street Gang to bring Muppet Mindset readers an EXCLUSIVE perk!  Of course we can’t tell you what it is here, otherwise we’d have to kill you.  But never fear, because in the next couple of days we’ll be sending out an email to everyone on our Mailing List!  What Mailing List, you ask?  The one you can join by inputting your email address below!  Keep an eye out for a very special email soon!




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