Funko’s Dark Crystal Figures

Jarrod Fairclough – Way back in April (we were all so young then) toy company Funko announced a series of Dark Crystal figures to join their ReAction line, toys that are made to resemble those 80’s style figures.  They’ll be available at the end of the year, and you can pre-order them on Amazon here!

At the time we got a not-so-great-quality look at the Land Strider and Jen figures, but now we have decent quality figures of the whole line, including Kira (who comes with Fizzigig), The Chamberlain Skesis, Aughra and UrSol the Mystic.  They also come with little bits of the Dark Crystal that can be put together, just in case you want the living heart of Thra on your shelf.  Be warned though, Skesis may turn up to do The Ceremony of the Sun.


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