Fan Week – Miscellaneous Stuff

Jarrod Fairclough – Happy Fan Week, gang!  We’ve had an amazing response so far, and we may bring Fan Week back as an annual event!

We’ve had fan videos, lots of fan art, and tomorrow we’ll have a list of fan covers!  Which leaves a few things we haven’t had time to dedicate a whole article to.  So, today, we’re posting all the miscellaneous stuff that you guys sent us.  Puppets, collectibles, fellow websites etc.  Let’s begin!

Firstly, our good pal and regular contributor Abigail Maughan sent through this rendition of The Goodbye Song from Bear In The Big Blue House, brilliantly played on the piano.

Matthew sent through this amazing Taminella Grinderfall.  Is it a puppet or a costume? That I don’t know.  But I want 15 of them.

Matthew Taminella

Kylie has this great unique Janice doll, of which I also want 15 of.

Kylie Janice

Laura sent through a couple of very sweet drawings we forgot to include in our Fan Art on Monday.  Sorry, Laura!  Enjoy this great Peter Linz and Walter!

Laura peter

Rhett sent through photos of a Muppet collection he’s been gathering since 2004.  There were a lot of photos, but this one should give you just an idea of the magnitude.

Rhett collection

Finally, Fozzie Travels is a whole website dedicated to a world traveler taking photos of a Fozzie Bear toy in some of the most beautiful and remote places on Earth.  We’ve provided just a few below (including Melbourne, current home base of The Muppet Mindset), but you can head to the website here to see more.

Fozzie Travels 1Fozzie Travels 2
Fozzie Travels 3

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