Fan Week – Fan Art!

Jarrod Fairclough – Happy Fan Week, Muppet fans!  Yes, it’s the long-promised-and-finally-arrived week where we stop celebrating The Muppets and instead turn our attention to the fans.

We’re beginning our 5 day event with the amazing Muppet fan art that exists.  We had SO many people submit fan art that we had to limit it to 2 pieces per person, and we couldn’t even fit everyone in.  But below you’ll find an incredible array featuring everyone from Kermit to Big Mean Carl!  There’s two pieces dedicated to Gloria Estefan!

First up are two pieces by our pal Brandy.  Not only did Brandy submit some great fan art, she’s also the lucky winner of our Fan Week Banner contest which you’ll see on top of the site!  Congratulations, Brandy!

Brandy 1

Brandy 2

Next up is two pieces by Flukes (probably not their real name) with a really great cartoony style.  Someone get Flukes (probably not their real name) a comic book deal, stat!

Flukes 1

Flukes 2

Our pal Jen sent in this adorable Gloria Estefan, and I want a real one!


Josh sent a great drawing of Telly, and a tribute picture to the wonderful late Faz Fazakas!

Josh 1

Josh 2

Leah sent through 25 pictures, and we had a hard time narrowing it down to just 2.  But never fear, as you’ll be seeing some more of her work later this week…

Leah 1

Leah 2

Michael made worlds collide as The Muppets meet The Muppet Babies


Renee liked the colliding worlds too, as her first picture has Gobo and Wembley reenacting Ernie’s ‘I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon’.

Renee 1

Renee 2

Robert was the first to send anything to us, about 2 minutes after Fan Week was announced!  His first picture is a sweet tribute to Jerry Nelson, and his second picture made me laugh for about 15 minutes.

Robert Poole 1

Robert Poole 2

Shelly sent through this uncanny valley realistic drawing of the chronically groovy Dr Teeth.


Sydney spent a couple of well worth it days on this great Muppet Show watercolor.


Finally, Soni sent through a couple of great Beaker drawings, including his weeping while he dramatically reads ‘A Pirates Life for Me’

Soni 1

Soni 2

Thanks to everyone who sent in such great artwork!  I’m genuinely impressed with everyone’s amazing talent.

Thanks to everyone who entered our Banner contest, and congratulations to our winner, Brandy!  Below you’ll see the other entries.

ChristyBy Christy

Michael 1
By Michael

JudeBy Jude

HollieBy Hollie, one of Jarrod’s dearest friends, and just a terrible person all round.  Disqualified.

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