Who’s That?? A Guide to the Lesser Known Muppeteers – Drew Massey

Who's That

In Who’s That?? we aim to educate the masses on some of the exceptionally talented, but perhaps lesser known, Muppet performers.

Our last edition of ‘Who’s That??’ focused on Victor Yerrid, and today’s is on his most frequent collaborator, Drew Massey.  drew massey 3Drew has been working with The Jim Henson company since the  1990’s, his earliest works being on Dinosaurs and Elmopalooza.  Since then he has become of the company’s biggest assets, having worked on almost everything they have done since.

An outstanding performer in his own right, Drew has worked on hit shows like Angel (where he played the character in puppet form), Robot Chicken, and performed the hilarious Count Blah in the Fox series Greg the Bunny.  He was also the lead puppeteer in Community‘s infamous puppet episode, where he performed Abed.

Perhaps Drew’s most popular appearances were as Statler in the later episodes of the web series From The Balcony, taking over from Steve Whitmire.  He performed alongside his pal Victor Yerrid, who played Waldorf.  He was also seen in almost every episode of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, performing the weird and wonderful puppets that the contestants created.

Drew was also a part of the ill-fated Muppets Ahoy on the Disney Cruise Line, which had a group of Muppet performers put on a live Muppet show.  Here Drew again performed Statler, and also brought Robin to life, once again with Victor Yerrid.

drew massey 1Drew continues to perform with Henson’s Puppet Up! improv show, which has taken him all around the world.  A solid improviser, Drew is one of the shows most utilized performers.  He not only performs in the show, he also designed and built several of the shows puppets, such as Dr. Scientist, the Tiki God, and Harvey.

He can currently be seen in the Henson/Fusion series No, You Shut Up!, where he plays a myriad of characters, from an alien expert to a lunchbox.  Yes, a lunchbox.  He also plays Sid in the Henson series Sid The Science Kid, alongside, you guessed it, Victor Yerrid.

drew massey 2

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