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Kenny D

Jarrod Fairclough – We love fan art!  We love seeing all the weird and wacky things that creative Muppet fans come up with, whether it be Fozzie Bear in The Wocka Wocka-ing Dead by the amazing Kenny Durkin, Mike BaBoon’s delightful Muppet Alphabet, or James V Carroll’s insane anything.  And we love that we can buy these artworks on tshirts, mugs and more!

Prawn SoloKenny DurkinHowever, unfortunately sometimes people take advantage of this, and they steal the artwork of hard working illustrators, to use for their own gain.  Just yesterday Kenny Durkin went through a battle to have a the Muppet fan page ‘The Muppets Fanatics’ stop selling tee’s featuring one of his images, Prawn Solo, as they had no right to do so. While the particular image was eventually removed after hours of bickering and frankly quite rude behavior on the groups part, closer inspection of the site revealed a multitude of other products being sold with Muppet fan art that the page does not own.  The site claims these products are a ‘Fan Page Exclusive’, which is false, and that the products are not available in stores.  That part is correct – you cannot walk in to Target and buy a Prawn Solo tee. BUT you can do the right thing and purchase the products from the people who have made them, and deserve to profit from it.

So please, when you find a piece of fan-made Muppet merchandise online, on sites like eBay, Red Bubble, Facebook and more, do a little research and make sure that the correct people are benefiting from it.  Below you’ll find just a couple of the official sites from some of the more well known illustrators (the one’s who seem to have their artwork spread around the most), so take a look, and familiarize yourself for the future.  These guys do amazing work, it’s only fair that they should be the ones to benefit.

Kenny Durkin’s Official Website

James V Carroll’s Official Website

James Hance’s Official Website

Dave Hulteen’s Official Website

Mike BaBoon’s Official Website

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