5 Reasons to Watch The Muppets As It Airs Tonight!

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Hey there.  We thought we’d take a quick break from our SPOOOOOOOKY Halloween Week to do a public service, and that’s to remind you that The Muppets is on tonight, at 8/7c on ABC!  Why are we reminding you?  Because that’s just what we do!  So here’s 5 quick reasons why you should watch the show when it airs!


1 – It Helps The Show!
Last week our friend DW McKim wrote an impressive article about the show’s ratings over the past 4 episodes.  He assured everyone that at the moment everything’s okay, and that one of the best ways to help is to watch the show as it goes to air!  You see, television is run by advertisments.  Sure, we’d like to think that TV is run by a talking frog, or a drug cooking science teacher, or the ladies from The View, but the truth is that TV needs ads to live.  So the more people that watch TV as it airs, the more people see those ads, meaning that these ad agencies continue to pay ABC to air them, and in turn ABC gives the money to Muppets Studios to make the new show!


2 – Live Tweeting!
Let’s all just take a moment to acknowledge that The Muppets are amazing at Social Media.  Whoever their Social Media Manager is (*cough* Ryan *cough*) is really crushing it, with every character sounding like themselves.  It can’t be easy to come up with so many terrible jokes for Fozzie (I did like his tea cup pig joke last week).  One thing that we’ve been seeing over the last 4 episodes is the characters live tweeting the show!  It’s fun to watch along with Kermit and Gonzo, referencing the episodes and giving out a few extra jokes.  I know for a fact that Miss Piggy will be tweeting the East Coast airing of tonight’s episode.  So watch the episode and follow along!


3 – The Fact That It Adds 10 Minutes!
Bare with me on this.  One complaint that I’ve heard a lot of people say is that this show is too short.  Personally, I disagree, I think the show’s 21 minute run time works very well for it.  But after talking with a couple of people about this, almost every single one said that the watched the show on DVR, or had pirated it (Please don’t if you can avoid it!).
As you’d know watching a series on DVD or Netflix etc, no ad breaks means no off time. There’s no time to get up, go to the bathroom, get a drink, get a snack etc.  Instead you rush through the whole thing and think ‘that was fast!’.  It’s likely that part of your brain is thinking ‘I need a Twix, but that would mean pausing the TV’.  Well, with the ads, you get that break!  You get a chance to miss the show for a few minutes before it’s back!  It makes sense, believe me.


4 – Be The First To Get New Muppet Content!
The new TV show is new Muppet content!  It’s so exciting to again have a constant stream of new Muppet stuff coming at us every week.  And by watching the show as it airs, you get to see it as it happens!  You get to experience Scooter’s revelation that he clapped alone in his apartment, or Fozzie dropping Jay Leno’s candy dish, as it happens!  It isn’t like a movie, where premieres and pre-screenings have meant that 1000 people have seen it before you!  No, instead you get it brand spankin’ new!  And that leads in to our fifth and final point…


5 – Avoid Spoilers!
Rosebud’s the sled, and Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.  Didn’t you hate it when that friend of yours told you the ending of that TV show or movie the day it came out?  I know I avoid spoilers like the plague.  Not things like ‘Reese Witherspoon is in the next episode’, but things like ‘Kermit ruins Piggy’s relationship with Josh Groban by appealing to her ego and insinuating that she can’t do the show without a man’.  If I’d heard that before I’d seen the episode, I would have gone crazy.  We here at The Muppet Mindset are very wary not to spoil anything until at least 12 hours have passed since the episode aired, because we don’t want you to have it ruined.  Well, by watching the show as it goes to air, you eliminate literally all chances of being spoiled, because everyone will be seeing it at the same time!

So there’s just 5 reasons to watch the show as it airs!  Make sure you tune in tonight at 8/7c on ABC, as Miss Piggy battles with her latest nemesis – Reese Witherspoon!  The knives (and witherSPOONS) are out!  #WockaWocka

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