How To Watch ‘The Muppets’ In 6 Easy Steps

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Today is the day, ladies and gentlemen!  In just a matter of hours, The Muppets return to prime time with the first episode of their new series!  We want you to have the best viewing experience possible, so we’ve put together these instructions, which we call:

Step 1) Reserve the couch!
You’re going to need it for half an hour at 8/7c, and if your wife or husband or girlfriend or boyfriend or mother or father or brother or sister or son or daughter or third cousin twice removed usually sit on the couch at that time to watch Storage Wars, they’re gonna need to shove over, because you have more pressing matters.  The couch is going to be the most important part of your viewing experience.  Besides the TV.  So make sure you have a TV!  If you do, move on to Step 3.  If you don’t, please continue on to Step 2.


Step 2) Buy a TV!
Sure, you can try watch a stream of it on your iPad or something, but it’s not the same when it’s not on the big screen!  So head out to Best Buy or Walmart or Gary’s Big TV Emporium and pick up that 80 inch TV you’ve been looking at for the past 5 months and just bite the bullet!


Step 3) Get the snacks!
8pm is prime snacking time.  You’ve had your dinner, and now it’s time for those tasty sweet and salty things that you’ve been waiting to eat, since moving your cheat day to Tuesdays for this very reason.  Grab the popcorn, the chocolate, the ice cream, the bucket for when you’re sick halfway through, and then grab some more!

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Step 4) Tune the TV to ABC (or its affiliate)
Look, I’ll be honest – I’m not sure how your TV system works, because it’s not the same as it is here Down Under.  I know you have like 5 billion channels, and they all have affiliates.  No matter what, make sure your TV is tuned to which channel is playing The Muppets!  Especially if you’re a Neilsen household!  Sure, it’s an old outdated system, but it’s still important that the broadcasters know your watching!

Sam Twitter

Like most free-to-air series’, The Muppets will have ad breaks so that Gary can advertise his Big TV Emporium to your local town.  Use these times to tweet about the show!  Use the hashtag #themuppets and get it trending!  Talk about jokes you liked, scenes you enjoyed, and get a real conversation going with your fellow viewers.  Write a post on Facebook that you’re watching, because maybe then your Aunt Agnus will turn it on, laugh at Fozzie’s bad joke, and she’ll get hooked on it too.
And make sure to thank the sponsors!  A lot of people don’t seem to take in to account how important this is.  Send them a tweet thanking them for promoting their product during your new favorite show.  They love it!  Which means they’ll keep sponsoring the show, which means we’ll keep getting more Muppets!  Do it every ad break, even after the show!

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Step 6) Talk about it everywhere!
Similar to step 5, talking about the show after it’s aired is very important!  Head back here tomorrow to read our review and be sure to let us know what you thought on Facebook and Twitter!  Go over to our pals ToughPigs and see what people have to say there, too. If the internet sees us talking about it, they’ll have to take notice!  Just look at the TV show Community – both the showrunner and the actors all agree that it only ever stayed on the air because of the online fan base!

As an added bonus, you may have noticed that over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr we’ve been posting silly TV Show / Muppet cross over images, counting down to the show tomorrow.  You’ll find them all below, including one we never posted!

3 weeks

2 Weeks

1 Week

3 days

2 days

1 day

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