The Muppet Mindset Birthday Wrap Up

Last week The Muppet Mindset turned 6, and we celebrated with 3 days worth of fun!
Founder Ryan Dosier returned for one day only to reflect on his site before and since his departure.  New Head Operator Jarrod Fairclough said a few nice things about some of the people who’ve helped him since he took over 6 months ago.  Kieran Moore celebrated 6 years by listing 10 songs all about the number 6!  You can get links to all of these below.

The Muppet Mindset Turns 6 – A Word From Ryan Dosier
Ryan and Kermit

The Muppet Mindset Turns 6 – A Letter From Jarrod Fairclough

The Top 10 Songs of The Number 6
The Top 10 birthday

Both Ryan and Jarrod made an effort to make sure that three very important individuals were thanked for their efforts in the site; Kyle Mahoney (Tumblr), John Papovitch (Instagram) and Mitchell Stein (Jarrod’s Right Hand Man).  We thought it only fair that these guys should get to say something as well.  Take it away, fellas!

John Papovitch – Instagram
A lot of things in my life have changed in the last six years. In 2009, I was going into my senior year of high school as The Muppet Mindset got its start. In fact, I remember very well the events that lead up to The Muppet Mindset coming online. An attempt to branch out to the Muppet fan community who was lacking a resource involving user contributions (not to undermine the boys at Tough Pigs) ended up becoming its own entity and one of the de facto Muppet fan sites on the internet and it’s great that it did. In the past six years, we’ve seen this site go from doing reviews and the occassional editorial to being filled to the brim with improved reviews on all things on the Muppet spectrum, interviews with many of the biggest names in Henson industry, continuing article series like Weekly Muppet Wednesdays and all-around being a major voice for the Muppet fan community. It’s been a blast being a part of this site not only as a contributor but as a part of the team as of now. Here’s to six great years!

Kyle Mahoney – Tumblr
Being a part of the Muppet Mindset has been a true honor and privilidge. The random other fans turned friends I’ve made in this community is amazing and I’m glad I’m able to give something back by running the Tumblr page as well as contributing articles. Ryan Dosier is a true friend and the amount of time we spent on the internet simultaneously is staggering.  My love of Muppets is equally as staggering and I’m glad to be part of this 6 year legacy of fans giving back because the best part of being part of the Muppet Mindset is that anyone can be part of it!

Mitchell Stein – Jarrod’s Right Hand Man, Co-Runner of The Mickey Mindset
Has it really been six full years? As I look back it’s been incredible to see this website grow to what it has become, first as a regular reader and then becoming a member of the Mindset staff, it’s been an incredible journey. Working with the Mindset team has been an absolute blast and I cherish every article I’ve written for the sites.  558d9-groverbirthdayThat awesomness began working with Ryan on the site which will be nearly two years ago (!!) this fall. Ryan has been so awesome to work with, and such a great guy, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for his new position working with the Muppets. Congrats again Ryan. There’s no one more deservant of that job than you.

But I can’t imagine anyone better to take over the Mindset torch than Jarrod, who’s done a fantastic job at the site so far. I always am thrilled to contribute to the website because Jarrod does such an awesome job at staying dedicated to the site with making sure there’s always quality articles set up and for just being the best guy to work with. Thanks John Papovitch and Kyle Mahoney for doing a great job with the Instagram and Tumblr pages for the website and your constant contributions. Also thanks to the dozens of frequent contributors who make this website what it is. It really could not be done without you all.


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