The Art of Dave Alvarez – Part 2 – The Comics


Last week we posted Part 1 of our spotlight on the incredible artist Dave Alvarez, focusing on his many poster like images.  Well, Dave also makes some hilarious fan made Muppet comics, which he has been nice enough to let us post below.  Be sure to visit his DeviantArt page, and his official site right here!

another_muppets_comic_strip_by_davealvarez a_muppets_comic_strip_by_davealvarez halloween_muppet_strip_by_davealvarez more_muppet_strips_by_davealvarez more_muppet_stuff_by_davealvarez muppet_comic_strip_2009_by_davealvarezmuppet_show_strip_by_davealvarez-d84acth


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