The Art of Dave Alvarez – Part 1 – The Posters

Dave Alvarez is a name that some of you may recognize from his work on issue 1 of Muppet King Arthur.  He’s an incredible artist, and the masses have been treated to his amazing art work on TV, in films and on DeviantArt for years!  Well, Dave’s been incredibly gracious enough to let us spotlight his stunning work here on The Muppet Mindset, some of it official, some of it fan made.  There’s so much, that we’ve had to split it up in to 2 seperate articles!  Today we’re focusing on the single images, or ‘Posters’ if you will (you will).  Next time we’ll take a look at Dave’s hilarious fan made comic strips.

You can check out Dave’s DeviantArt page right here.  Be sure to take a look through at some of the amazing artwork, not only of Muppets, but of various Disney characters, Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera characters.  There’s a great series of Iron Man comics starring Goofy.  You can also visit Dave’s website here.









Thanks to Dave for letting us show off his work!  Be on the look out for Part 2 of our spot light on artist Dave Alvarez! 

One thought on “The Art of Dave Alvarez – Part 1 – The Posters

  1. He snuck some “Sesame Street” references in some of his Looney Tunes comics. In issue #131 story “Party All Fright”, among the monsters in a party that Porky and Daffy are catering are some exaggerated spoof caricatures of some of the Sesame Street monsters.

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