News Update: July 16th 2015


News Update: July 16th 2015

Comic Con

The Muppets went to Comic Con this week and treated fans to a 1 hour panel that has been heralded as once of the best in history.  We learnt a lot of information about the show, and you can read that info AND watch the full panel in our round up post from the other day.  Interestingly Bill Prady announced that the full pilot presentation cannot be officially released due to the deal made with the human actors, so there’s a good chance that if you missed the Mobile Theater or the panel that you won’t get to see it, at least not for the foreseeable future.  We have been lucky enough to see it, and we can confirm that it’s fantastic, and if the show’s anywhere near as good as the pilot, we’re in for a treat.

Miss Piggy announced last week that Sky One in the UK will be airing The Muppets, which is great news!  Of course I’m based in Australia and I have no idea who’s airing it here.  But I think I’m counted as press, so hopefully I can watch it early… I should contact ABC…  Anyway, the video is hilarious.  Because I have no idea how to embed it, you can watch it over on ToughPigs, which is fitting because I stole their photo.  Thanks guys! (Don’t sue).

The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta have announced that their new Jim Henson wing will be opening on Saturday 14th November 2015.  The site describes the wing as
(An) interactive exhibition (that) will follow Henson’s prolific imagination chronologically, transporting visitors through environments that typified the master puppeteer’s world such as Jim’s Office and the Television Studio.  In addition to learning how Henson’s characters came to life and are still performed, visitors will be able to view iconic puppets such as Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy”  If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be on Expedia looking for flights.

The Jim Henson Company have been hard at work making their new special
Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow with principal photography recently completed in Canada. The film is based off the unproduced treatment by Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl, was directed by our friend Kirk Thatcher, and stars Mary Steenburgen, who you may recognize from her recent appearances on Orange Is The New Black and The Last Man On Earth.  The special will air on Lifetime on November 21st at 8:00pm.

The Muppets made a brief appearance in a video explaining economics.  Because who better to teach the masses the basics of economics than a frog?

Finally, Grover made an appearance on Wendy Williams the other day to promote the new cook book Sesame Street: Let’s Cook!  Grover and Wendy make 3 dishes; Big Bird’s Breakfast Sundae, Abby Cadabby’s Magical Chicken Salad, and Rosita’s Veggie Cheese Quesadilla’s.  Being from Australia, I’m not familiar with Wendy Williams, but from this video she seems to be some sort of sorceress who commands the audience to clap over extremely menial things, such as not liking cilantro.

5 thoughts on “News Update: July 16th 2015

  1. People here in Texas put cilantro on ~everything~. There’s even cilantro ice cream in super fancy restaurants. To “tasters” like me, it is nasty. It tastes like soap! I clap over hating cilantro. 😉

  2. Using my sources (google news- what were you expecting?), ‘the muppets.’ looks like it’s going to air in Channel 7 in Australia. A recent report talked about the Spring season of shows. So let’s hope shall we?

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