Asking Questions Is A Good Way Of Finding Out Things

Sherlock Hemlock 2If there’s one thing Sesame Street has taught us over the years, it’s the alphabet.  Or how to count to 17.  But something else that they’ve drilled in to our minds for 45 years is that asking questions is a good way of finding things out!  That makes sense, doesn’t it??

Well, we at The Muppet Mindset would like to extend the chance to you guys to ask us anything you like!  It can be about Muppet productions, it can be about who that obscure Muppet was in that one sketch back in 1976, it can be about our own Muppet fandom! Whatever Muppety thing you want to know, you can ask, and we’ll do our darndest to answer as many as we can!  (Maybe even in video form)!  We may even be able to get our old friend Ryan to answer one.  Maybe.  If he’s not too busy brushing Miss Piggy’s hair all day (that’s all he actually does – I know, Angel Marie told me).

Send us an e-mail at with the subject line ‘I have a question!’ or you can tweet them to us over on @muppetmindset.

And now, for the fun of it, enjoy these Sesame Street videos explaining questions.

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