Weekly Muppet Wednesday: Blind Pew

Blind Pew

Written by Jarrod Fairclough


Performed by:
Jerry Nelson

First appearance:
Muppet Treasure Island

Most recent appearance:
Muppets Most Wanted

Best known role:
Threatening pirate looking for Billy Bones’ map.

Blind Pew made his first appearance in the opening scenes of Muppet Treasure Island, leading a gang of vicious and angry pirates in to the Admiral Benbow Inn.  He intends to give Billy Bones the feared Black Spot, which signals the impending death of the recipient. As his name suggests, he is totally blind, and is totally unable to get around without knocking things over and tripping.  He mistakes a mounted moose head for Bones, and Jim Hawkins for a girl.  After giving Bones the Black Spot he returns with his troupe, and they tear the Inn down looking for Captain Flint’s treasure map, which is in the hands of Hawkins.  As fire rages around them, Blind Pew smells something burning.  His fate is unknown.

He made a reappearance in a non-speaking cameo in Muppets Most Wanted as a prisoner in the Gulag.

Blind Pew’s body was performed by Jerry Nelson, while his hands were performed by Bill Barretta.  This way his hands and head were totally unaware of what each other were doing, enhancing the physical comedy of the bumbling blind villain.

Blind Pew was one of the first truly villainous Muppets, intent on death and destruction, lead by greed.  He was the blue print for the evil Constantine in 2014, a scary Muppet who didn’t need to have a good side to enhance the story.  Without Blind Pew, the whole story of Muppet Treasure Island would not have happened, and if that means living in a world without Mr Bimbo, then I don’t want to know about it.

Blind Pew

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