Muppet Scooby Doo Art Mash Up

Our pal Danny Beckwith is at it again with some more really, really wonderful Muppet fan art. This time, Danny decided to tackle a crossover between the Muppets and Scooby Doo–and it worked out tremendously. Here’s a little info about the pieces from Danny himself…

Some origin information: This mash-up came from the idea of Link Hogthrob as Fred Jones getting stuck in my head. They are so similar, not only in appearance, but in personality, too. After some thought about the other characters, they began to take form on paper and stuck from the first round. Shaggy was hard to pin down, but I really enjoyed the color scheme (and the thought of Kermit saying “Zoinks!” tickled me).

Of course, I can’t draw Muppets without monsters sneaking in there. The monsters were fun to identify and match to Muppet characters. Uncle Deadly as the Phantom Ghost came first and worked well, playing off of his role on The Muppet Show as the Phantom of the Muppet Theatre. The other monsters include:

Sweetums as the Creeper
Gonzo as the Spooky Space Kook
Beaker as Charlie
Snowth as Witch Doctor (could it be that Mahna Mahna is really under that disguise?)

And who could forget Scrappy-Doo!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

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