The Muppet Mindset Goes Hollywood… Again!

Ryan Dosier – Last week I got to do something truly extraordinary. Thanks to the unbelievable generosity and kindness of Peter Linz and the welcoming nature of the fantastic people who work with the Muppets, I was able to visit the set of The Muppets… Again! in Los Angeles. I can’t describe how beyond incredible this experience was. I met some of the best people I’ve ever met, hung out with the Muppeteers, my personal heroes and idols, and I witnessed the Muppets filming their new movie. What more could you ask for?!

Unfortunately, as you can probably imagine, I cannot talk about much of my experience at all. It’s all guarded in secrecy (as well it should be, because you don’t want to be spoiled on this one–trust me) and I’m not going to reveal anything at all. However, what I can tell you are the following three bullet points:

  • There are Muppets in The Muppets… Again!
  • The Muppeteers are awesome
  • The Muppets… Again! is going to blow us away
Again, I was on set for two days for nine hours each day, and still these three things were very clear. (Some more than others.) But really, The Muppets… Again! is full of so much exciting potential, amazing humor, and classic Muppet goodness that the pieces are all in place for another incredible Muppet movie–perhaps even better than the last. I really wish there was more I could say, but I really can’t. What I will say is that I had the time of my life, and everyone on set was so excited about the film. 
Anyway… I have to thank all of the Muppeteers and everyone working on set on The Muppets… Again! They treated me like part of the family and I can never thank them enough. I also have to thank my pal Matt Wilkie, a contributor who also got to go on set when I did. He gave me someone to geek out with and was just plain awesome. Also thanks to Nathan Danforth, because he’s awesome. 
So yeah! There’s a whole lot of nothing. Please send all complaints to The Walt Disney Company.
The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

One thought on “The Muppet Mindset Goes Hollywood… Again!

  1. Just like with the previous film, please tell us that we can expect to see even more long-lost obscure characters rebuilt for this movie, in addition to Annie Sue.

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