News Update: April 11, 2013

NEWS UPDATE: April 11, 2013

While filming on location in London recently, Disney let loose some more plot details for The Muppets… Again! via a notice of filming sign on set. According to, the sign’s new plot information states, Kermit the Frog and the gang embark on a World Tour, with the “help” of a Mysterious International Tour Manager. Things quickly go awry as it turns out the tour is being used as a ruse for the new manager – and his boss, “World’s Most Dangerous Frog” – to embark on an international crime spree. So there ya go! Methinks Ricky Gervais is the “Mysterious International Tour Manager,” which will be exciting. The sign also had a fun little blurb from Kermit… We’re filming our new movie The Muppets… Again! here [in Greenwich]. Absolutely no Muppets are being harmed in the making of this motion picture. At least as long as they don’t get between Miss Piggy and the camera. So there you have it! Some new, fun, exciting minor details about The Muppets… Again!

Fraggle Rock‘s big 30th Anniversary celebration is kicking off in style over at The Jim Henson Company. We’ve told you about the new releases of the entire series on DVD coming soon, but now we also know that an official website for the show’s 30th is coming on April 22nd. You can visit the site now to see the placeholder page (also seen at right), but we can only imagine what content is coming in 11 days!

Speaking of Fraggles, our friends over at have all you need to know about the exciting Fraggle Rock display now being showcased at the FAO Schwarz flagship store in New York City. The display features a bunch of Fraggle merchandise and a ton of Fraggle decorations as well. Plus, some actual props, concept art, and design stuff from the show itself! Check out ToughPigs coverage for a ton of pictures or head over to FAO Schwarz in NYC to see the Fraggle fun for yourself!

In rumors that we really, really hope aren’t true, SlashFilm is reporting that Disney is considering closing down Muppet*Vision 3-D in Disneyland’s California Adventure Park. According to SlashFilm, “A new blog posted on MiceChat says Disney is considering revamping a huge section of Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure and theming it around Monsters Inc., which has its prequel Monsters University out this year. The biggest change would involve removing Muppet Vision 3D and replacing it with a roller coaster thrill ride inspired by the door chase at the end of Monsters Inc.” As of now, this is still nothing but a rumor, and the Muppet*Vision at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is going nowhere, but it would still be very upsetting if the only Muppet attraction in Disneyland was completely removed.

Finally, our friend Max Stein, who is currently writing a very anticipated biography of Muppeteer Richard Hunt, has written a fantastic, all-encompassing piece about her experience with Jerry Nelson. She also dives deep into Jerry’s life and career and work. It’s a beautiful piece and I highly recommend everyone read it to once again remember the magic and wonder that is Jerry Nelson.

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

One thought on “News Update: April 11, 2013

  1. The rumors regarding DCA's Muppet-Vision ARE false!

    Those rumors came from MiceChat–a highly unreliable site with an agenda! Al Lutz has once again made up a big fat lie because he obviously hates the Muppets! 😡

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