The Muppeteer Postcard Project

Our friend Arianne Gallagher is awesome. Just how awesome is she? Well, she’s so awesome that she scored herself an invitation to the set of The Muppets… Again in London next month! But what makes her the most awesome, is what you’ll read below. Arianne is offering something amazing for Muppet fans, and I for one will be taking her up on that offer and I hope you will too. Read on to find out how you can join!

Arianne Gallagher – One thing that I thought would be a really cool thing to do would be to bring over postcards from Muppet fans across the country, and across the world, made out to different Muppet performers thanking them for all that they do and praising their work that makes us smile. I think it would be really nice keepsakes for the Muppet performers and nice for fans because they know that they were able to give even just a small token of their thanks and appreciation that they know for sure were delivered to the performers (and it would be neat for a Muppeteer to have postcards from all across the globe from fans too!)

I thought postcards would be the best way to do this (and it’s a nice little homage to Traveling Matt’s postcards from Fraggle Rock) because of a lot of reasons, mostly because of them coming from across the globe and being original and because they all will have to fit in my suitcase!

Okay, so here are the rules: If you want to send a postcard to one of the Muppeteers with a message of your praise and appreciation for their work and their characters, I would be more than happy to take it with me on my trip to London. Just email and Ryan will forward you on to me and I will send you my mailing address where you can send your completed postcard to (I would recommend putting the postcard in a greeting card envelope so you don’t have to put my address on the actual postcard). The postcard should be from where you live or about something/somewhere that means a lot to you. When you sign your name, you should print your name and say where you’re from (if your postcard is not location-themed). You should send the postcard to me no later than Monday, March 18th if you want me to bring it to London.

What I will NOT do is deliver anything other than a postcard (no gifts, long letters, photos, resumes, work product, etc.) If you want to send any Muppet performer that type of stuff, you’re on your own. You should put your return address (both mailing address and email) on the postcard in case the performer wants to send you a thank you note in return but as in the true spirit of giving you shouldn’t expect anything in return.

Sound like a plan? Remember, if you’re interested email so Ryan can forward you to me, and I will send you my mailing address (which I will ask you to keep private and not spread around). I think this will be really fun so I hope people join me for Operation Praises by Postcard!

So there you have it, Muppet fans! So go out, get some postcards, and email me at so we can get this project rolling!

The Muppet Mindset by Ryan Dosier,

2 thoughts on “The Muppeteer Postcard Project

  1. A most insperational idea! I'll be send my postcard from georgia or great britian (home towns!) Where ever I am at that point in time! Thanks ryan and thank you so very much arianne! You seem quite posh! 🙂
    Hugs and Giggles~Maria Gayle K.

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